I believe that everyone can appreciate the word safety, even those with a limited understanding of it. Safety? It is what? Safety is the condition of being protected from anything that might affect single person or community.

Communal security is it significant?

Social division and societal inequality make it impossible for communities to coexist peacefully. We think that people are best equipped to recognise and address their own security issues. Some organisations and mobile panic button apps enable people to define security, who it is for, and how it is delivered in their communities, which helps bring people together for peace.

South African security firms provide safety solutions.

You can take precautions to prepare for terrorist attacks and lessen any anxiety you may be experiencing now or in the future if another disaster strikes. By being proactive, you can reassure your community and yourself that you still have some control over the situation.

Too frequently, security “solutions” and services are not tailored to the needs of the people who are intended to use them. Mobile panic button south Africa with users and their communities to make sure that users take the initiative in creating their own security solutions in coordination with relevant authorities, such as armed response in South Africa.

What kinds of threats are currently circling South Africa? Let’s give a look

Although South Africa is a beautiful country, there is no denying the detrimental effects violent crime has on our communities. Over the past ten years, there has been a startling 72% increase in car thefts, a 34% increase in murders, and a 25% increase in residential home burglaries. Additionally, there has been an increase in rioting and disorder, as we witnessed in KZN and Gauteng in July 2021. Although reversing these tendencies will take years of work, citizens shouldn’t have to live in fear until that time.

With a one-stop shop, protect your family.

Services for security provide both short-term and long-term peace of mind. The physical and psychological comfort of knowing that you and your family, as well as your possessions and the members of your community, are secure cannot be replaced. South Africa’s armed response also includes a feeling of protection by providing a necessary skill set in risky and challenging situations.

The final words

Various apps have been released that offer armed security and medical security right at your door. The address will be safe if you simply sign up and register your location. All you need to do is press the mobile panic button in South Africa and security will be send to your location.

Samaritan app is a panic button in south africa that provides the one stop safety solution to all the community. You just coordinate with our armed service provide. The ability to discover crime hotspots using sophisticated map analytics that reveal when and where crimes have been reported. The map also shows where security officers are right now.